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Proposal Form Submission

You need to complete the proposal form and submit to JLT through:

  • Mail or fax the completed print copy to the JLT.

The proposal form can be downloaded here or contact JLT for a print copy.

You can do the following:-
  1. Refer to the Renewal Pack that JLT sends out each year
  2. Refer to the Guide to Completing the Proposal Form here.
  3. Alternatively, you can call JLT and speak to staff of the Malaysian Bar Department at:
        03-2723 3241 – Dedicated MBar Department line, or
        03-2723 3388  – General line and ask for the MBar Department, or

                   email JLT at
Renewals (for the following year) usually start in August of the current year, eg the 2015 PII renewals will begin in August 2014.

Firms receive the Proposal Form in two ways:
  1. JLT sends an email blast early August for the online Proposal Form.
NB: Firm code verification is required for access.
  1. Print copies of the Proposal Form are available here for download.
If you did not receive the email notification for the online renewal, kindly contact JLT, who may not have a record of your email address at :-
        03-2723 3241– Dedicated MBar Department line, or
        03-2723 3388– General line and ask for the MBar Department, or
        email JLT at
Once you have submitted your Proposal Form, JLT will check if it is fully completed and once it is in order, JLT will issue an invoice to the firm.

Upon payment of the premium (due to Insurers), the Policy Schedule is sent to the firm.
The online Proposal Form is a fast and efficient alternative to manually completing the print copy.

All information submitted online will be saved for future use. Hence, for the following year’s renewal, you need not fill up the Proposal Form all over again.  You are only required to update the Proposal Form, where necessary.

The log in function also allows Members to fill in the Proposal Form in stages.  Members simply save the information they have filled in and continue as and when it is convenient to them.
For security purposes, members must log in to access the system.  Log in is by way of firm code and verification number.  You can obtain this by contacting JLT at:
        03-2723 3241  – Dedicated MBar Department line, or
        03-2723 3388 – General line and ask for the MBar Department, or
        email JLT at
You should immediately write to JLT, setting out the corrections to be made to the Proposal Form.

JLT will then attach the letter to your Proposal Form and submit it to the Insurer.
Write immediately to JLT.  They will correct the error and furnish you with a new Policy Schedule to reflect the changes.
If the Partner/Legal Assistant left the firm prior to 1 Jan 2014, Insurers will refund the premium paid for that individual since the lawyer left before the 2014 policy incepted.

The above is an example and applies for other policy years.
There is no premium due for the current year’s policy period but premium would be charged for the following policy period, eg no change on the 2014 Policy but firm will be charged for 2015 Policy.
Immediately notify JLT in writing.  There is no necessity to amend the Proposal Form that you have submitted.
Last updated 11 Apr 2019.