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Firm Management

Firm management plays an essential role in risk management. The resources in this section covers a variety of areas related to firm management from starting a practice to managing and improving your practice. 

Starting A Practice

Starting a new legal practice can be a daunting task. The information provided here is aimed at providing you with some of the important information you need when starting a new legal practice. If you are planning on starting a new practice and would like more information, you can obtain a copy of the Bar Council's publication, "Setting Up Practice" from the Professional Indemnity Insurance and Risk Management Department.

Managing Your Practice

Articles to help you manage your practice from managing your accounts, to managing your day-to-day office administration and your legal practice through organised systems and workflows.

Improving Your Practice

Articles to help promote framework and tools for better practice management to improve firm and individual performance.

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Dealing With Clients

Improve your lawyer-client relationship and better manage clients' expectations from beginning to the end. Learn how to deal with complaints effectively and how to nip it at the bud!

Time and Stress Management

Develop important skills such as time management and stress management. These two areas are equally important in developing a good and healthy legal practice. Good time management and stress management may help in reducing the risks involved in legal practice such as missing court dates, making errors in the preparation of documents etc.

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All Firm Management Articles

All resources on firm management articles can be accessed here.