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Changes to the Firm FAQs

You should notify Marsh by letter to include the new lawyer’s name in the PII policy to be reflected in the policy schedule.
The compulsory information required are:-
  1. The date the new lawyer is joining your firm
  2. The lawyer’s position with the firm
If the lawyer is joining from another firm, the additional information below is required:-
  1. Sijil Annual Number
  2. Name of previous firm
  3. Position in previous firm
  4. Date joined previous firm
  5. Date resigned from previous firm.
If the lawyer has just been called to the Bar, you need to include the lawyer’s call date to the bar.

If the lawyer has not been in practice or was unemployed before joining the firm, you need to include:
  1. The period not in practice/unemployed;
  1. The latest statutory declaration that was submitted to Bar Council.
If the lawyer has not been insured for that year, Marsh would advise the firm of the premium payable.

If the new lawyer was practising with another Firm prior to joining your Firm, there may be no premium payable since the lawyer is already insured for the policy period in question. 

Whether premium is payable is dependent on when the lawyer left his previous firm. If the lawyer left before the inception of the policy period, his previous firm is entitled to a refund. As such, when joining your firm, there will be premium payable by your firm. 

However, if the lawyer left his previous firm after the inception of the policy period, there will be no refund to the previous firm and his insurance will protect his previous firm for work the lawyer has done and will continue to protect the lawyer at your firm.
Whether your policy limits and base excess is affected depends on the inception of the policy. Please refer to clause 24 of the 2020 COI which provides:

“Your premium, limit of indemnity and base excess/increased base excess shall not be varied during the period of insurance by dissolution of your firm, turnover in principals or employees after the inception date of this Policy in any circumstances other than in respect of your merger or amalgamation with another firm. However, additional premium will be payable in respect of the addition to the firm of any legal practitioner who had ceased to be insured prior to the date of commencement of this Period of Insurance.”
This is dependent on the contract of employment executed between the Firm and the legal assistant. It is a private arrangement that does not have any bearing on the policy coverage.
You need to provide Marsh with the full name of the lawyer and his/her last date of employment with the firm.
There will be no refund of premium if the firm is dissolved after the inception of the policy. The policy will cover the firm for all work done despite the dissolution.
Lawyers who cease practice will be covered under the Master Policy.

Note: The policy period is from 1st of January to 31st of December.
You will have to notify Bar Council of the dissolution. You will then have to notify Marsh in writing and include the following:-
  • Two sets of the existing Original Mandatory and Top-Up Schedule (if applicable);
  • A copy of Bar Council’s reply as to the dissolution/closure of the firm;
  • A copy of the Statutory Declaration that was forwarded to Bar Council concerning the Dissolution/Closure of the Firm.
Existing files that follow a lawyer to another firm will be covered under the new Firm’s policy. However, if you have ceased practice then you are covered for any claims made against you under the Master Policy.
  • Members who intend to start a new firm will have to first inform Bar Council of their intention. 
  • The firm has to formally inform Marsh and attach a copy of the ‘no objection’ letter from Bar Council together with the duly completed Proposal Form to Marsh.
No, the premium cannot be transferred as the newly set up firm is treated as a new entity. Hence, the premium paid under the previous firm is not transferable to the new firm. 

The new firm’s PII premium will be prorated and calculated from the date the firm is established until 31st December.
For change of firm name, the current Firm needs to inform Bar Council of the new Firm name. The Firm then has to notify Marsh in writing and together with the following documents:
  1. A copy of the ‘no objection’ letter from Bar Council on the change of name;
  2. Originals of the Mandatory Cover Schedules (and Top-Up Schedule if purchased through Marsh) issued for the years under their previous Firm Name for cancellation.
Marsh will then issue you with a new Schedule with the new details.

This also applies to firms who are merging. Originals of the Mandatory Cover Schedules from the firms involved in the merger must be returned to Marsh.
No. There is no additional charge / premium for a change of name.
Your policy will still cover the work carried out by your previous partner/s. You have to formally write to Marsh providing them with details of the change. Marsh will then issue you with a policy schedule reflecting the changes. Your policy limit would remain for the year of coverage.
Send details of the new Branch to Bar Council with a copy to Marsh for record purposes.
Last updated: 21/05/2014