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Moving Forward on the Continuing Professional Development Scheme (Circular No 075/2014)

Circular No 075/2014
Dated 1 Apr 2014

To Members of the Malaysian Bar and pupils in chambers

Moving Forward on the Continuing Professional Development Scheme

The implementation of the Continuing Professional Development (“CPD”) Scheme is one of the more recent forward moves of the Bar with respect to the professional development of its Members and pupils in chambers.

The Bar’s resolution on CPD in 2012, adopted at the 66th Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) on 10 Mar 2012, reflects the Bar’s commitment to the mandatory CPD Scheme.  The effective date for the implementation of the mandatory CPD Scheme is to be determined by the House.

At the 68th AGM of the Malaysian Bar held on 15 Mar 2014, the Bar Council proposed a schedule of implementation dates for the mandatory CPD Scheme.  Although the proposed schedule of dates was not accepted by the House at that AGM, the Bar Council reaffirms its commitment to continue working on and improving the CPD Scheme, and will in due course present to the House a new proposed effective date (or dates) for the implementation of the mandatory CPD Scheme.

We thank all Members who have taken the time and trouble to provide us with feedback on the CPD Scheme and the Online Training Platform (“OTP”), from the time the CPD Scheme was implemented as well as at the AGM.  Your continued support and constructive input are invaluable as we develop the CPD Scheme to cater to the expectations of Members and meet the needs of the profession.

We wish to reiterate a few key features of the CPD Scheme as it enters its second cycle, which will commence on 1 July 2014 and end on 30 June 2016:

1. A CPD Bursary amounting to RM150,000 per year has been created for the upcoming cycle.  This allocation is specifically for Members (with less than 10 years in practice) and pupils in chambers who face financial constraints in participating in the CPD Scheme.  We will provide details on the implementation of the Bursary once these are finalised;
2. Four days of high-yield courses (known as iCPD) will be provided in each state each year, which will be of particular benefit to Members and pupils in chambers outside the Klang Valley.  Courses on one of the days in each state each year will be provided free of charge.
iCPD will offer intensive coverage of practice areas of specific interest to Members in a particular state.  As a full day of participation will result in six CPD points, Members and pupils in chambers may sign up for any two days of iCPD to obtain a total of 12 CPD points.

3. The OTP launched on 12 Mar 2014 is currently in the testing phase, and is expected to become fully operational in April 2014. For details on the OTP, please refer to Circular No 054/2014 dated 13 Mar 2014.

To address some of the constraints faced in gaining access to training, the CPD Department will provide free access to four pre-selected OTP videos each year, which Members and pupils in chambers may view to accumulate a total of eight CPD points over two years.

While every effort is being made to ensure the success of the CPD Scheme, it is imperative that Members and pupils in chambers recognise that their direct feedback on the CPD Scheme is important for its growth.  We ask that Members and pupils in chambers communicate their thoughts and ideas directly to either of us or to the Bar Council’s CPD Department. In particular, we seek feedback regarding topics / practice areas of interest and suitable speakers for OTP videos and iCPD courses.

If you have any feedback or enquiries, please contact the CPD Department by email at by using the website form available at

Thank you.

HR Dipendra and Raphael Tay
Professional Standards and Development Committee