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​​Implementation of the CPD Scheme (1 July 2016 – 30 June 2018) (Circular No 150/2016)

Circular No 150/2016
Dated 30 June 2016

To Members of the Malaysian Bar

Implementation of the CPD Scheme (1 July 2016 – 30 June 2018)  

At the 70th Annual General Meeting of the Malaysian Bar held on 19 Mar 2016, it was resolved that the Continuing Professional Development (“CPD”) Scheme be implemented on a staggered basis for Members of the Bar and pupils in chambers, with effect from 1 July 2016 until 30 June 2018

The CPD Scheme will initially be implemented on Members admitted to the Bar from 1 July 2011 onwards, and pupils in chambers who commence their pupillage from 1 July 2016 (collectively referred to as the “Group”). 

To ensure the effective implementation of the CPD Scheme, a variety of training opportunities will be made available to the Group throughout the 24-month CPD cycle, including the following:

(1)     CPD Camps

A total of 20 CPD camps will be organised nationwide from July to September 2016.  Kindly refer to Circular No 145/2016 dated 23 June 2016 for more information.

The registration fee (inclusive of 6% GST) per training topic is RM27.  Each participant will obtain four CPD points upon successful completion of each training camp.  The selected practice areas are as follows:

(a) Civil litigation;
(b) Criminal litigation;
(c) Conveyancing;
(d) Banking and finance;
(e) Islamic law; and
(f) Family law.

(2)     CPD on Demand

The Group can gain CPD points by watching any of the 67 online videos on the “CPD on Demand” website.  The videos cover a vast array of topics, and access is free of charge at

(3)     Other CPD Activities

(a)     Members and pupils in chambers can also obtain CPD points by participating in other CPD activities, including in-house legal training.

If your law firm conducts in-house legal training, please contact Santhi Latha, Director of the Bar Council CPD Department, by email at, for information on how to receive accreditation for the training.  Kindly note that there is a fee of RM50 for each approved accreditation, which is utilised to fund the technology platform that tracks the CPD activities, and maintains the records, of Members and pupils in chambers.

If Members and/or pupils in chambers from other law firms are allowed to participate (free of charge) in your law firm’s in-house training, the RM50 accreditation fee will be waived, as others will also have the opportunity to benefit from the training sessions.  We encourage you to inform Santhi Latha about any such trainings, so they can be publicised by the CPD Department.

(b)     The CPD Department also accredits CPD Roundtable events, which are treated as informal CPD activities conducted by Members of the Bar.  Information on the accreditation process can be found in Circular No 140/2016 dated 15 June 2016.

(c)      Members and pupils in chambers may also obtain CPD points through the publication of legal articles, such as in your law firm’s in-house newsletter or magazine, or in the various Bar Council and CPD Department online and print publications such as the Malaysian Bar website (online), Praxis (currently in print copy) and Legal Craft and Such (online).  Accreditation will be given to articles that fulfil the criteria, as described under the category entitled “CPD Legal Craft” in Circular No 140/2016dated 15 June 2016.

To facilitate the initial implementation of the CPD Scheme, all CPD points obtained by the Group from CPD activities from 1 Jan to 30 June 2016 (inclusive) will be included in the tabulation of CPD points at the end of the CPD cycle, in 30 June 2018.
It is our hope that all law firms, Members and pupils in chambers will support the implementation of the CPD Scheme for this Group, as it will mean:

(1)  easy and affordable access to formalised legal training opportunities;
(2)  training sessions are substantially subsidised, to encourage law firms to provide financial support for the Group to enhance knowledge and skills;
(3)  the opportunity to encourage the Group to select training sessions in specific areas of practice that will benefit them and their law firms; and
(4)  exposure to training sessions conducted by senior Members who, as advocates of professional development, give their time and energy generously.

We are currently working on a number of parallel initiatives that will enhance the roll-out of the CPD Scheme to the Group, as well as to other Members and pupils in chambers in future.  We will update you about the progress from time to time.

We would be delighted to receive your feedback in order for us to improve the quality of the CPD Scheme.  Please email your comments and queries to the CPD Department at

We thank you for the support shown for the implementation of the CPD Scheme. 

Steven Thiru
Malaysian Bar