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Discontinuing the Use of Facsimile Machines, and Email Integration into CMS in Courts (Circular No 4

Circular No 420/2020 
Dated 28 Nov 2020

To Members of the Malaysian Bar

Discontinuing the Use of Facsimile Machines, and Email Integration into Case Management System in Courts Throughout Malaysia Beginning 1 Jan 2021

The Chief Registrar of the Federal Court of Malaysia, Tuan Ahmad Terrirudin bin Mohd Salleh, has issued a media statement today entitled “Penamatan Penggunaan Mesin Faksimili Dan Integrasi E-Mel Ke Dalam Case Management System (CMS) Di Mahkamah-Mahkamah Seluruh Malaysia Bermula 1 Januari 2021”. 

We would like to highlight to Members the part in the media statement where it states the following:

  1. starting from 1 Jan 2021, all correspondence with the Courts throughout Malaysia will be via email, and that facsimile will no longer be used;
  2. integration of email usage into the Case Management System (“CMS”); and
  3. for the convenience of stakeholders and the public to access email addresses of each Registry and Court rooms, all the relevant email addresses will be uploaded to the PKPMP Official Portal and the Official Portal of the respective State Courts. 

Links of the Official Portals are as follows:

  1. PKPMP -
  2. Kuala Lumpur –
  3. Selangor –
  4. Johore –
  5. Kelantan –
  6. Pahang –
  7. Kedah –
  8. Perak -
  9. Perlis –
  10. Melaka –
  11. Negeri Sembilan –
  12. Terengganu –
  13. Penang –
  14. Sabah dah Sarawak -

We hope that the information provided here is of assistance to Members. We will update Members as and when there are new developments.

Thank you.

Malaysian Bar