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Additional Information on the E-Appellate System Implemented at Court of Appeal and Federal Court of

Circular No 265/2020
Dated 18 Aug 2020

To Members of the Malaysian Bar and pupils in chambers

Additional Information on the E-Appellate System Implemented at Court of Appeal and Federal Court of Malaysia

We refer to Circular No 241/2020 entitled “Implementation of E-Appellate System at Court of Appeal and Federal Court of Malaysia” dated 30 July 2020 and Circular No 253/2020 entitled “Guideline Video on the E-Appellate System” dated 11 Aug 2020.

The e-Appellate system was implemented at the Federal Court of Malaysia on 3 Aug 2020 and at the Court of Appeal on 17 Aug 2020.

The Bar Council has received feedback from Members of the Bar, as listed below:

(1) Devices Using Apple macOS and iOS Operating Systems

(a) We have been informed that Members may use macOS and iOS devices for the e-Appellate system.  However, the operating systems for those devices differ from the Windows operating system.

(b) The Judiciary recommends that Members use devices that utilise the Windows operating system for a smoother experience.

(c) In the event that a macOS or iOS device must be used for the system, the Judiciary recommends that Members arrive early on the day to perform test runs before the session commences.

(d) As these are just temporary solutions, the Bar Council will request for more information and assistance with regard to this matter.

(2) Limitations to the Documents e-Filed into Google Drive

(a) The Registrar of the Federal Court has advised Members to ensure that copies of all the relevant documents are also available on their laptops to enable smooth usage of Zoom’s “Share Screen” function instead of accessing the e-Filed documents in Google Drive.

(b) Should there be a need for a Member to create links, he/she may seek assistance from the Courts pertaining to this matter.

(3) Internet Connection at the Palace of Justice

(a) We have been informed that the Internet connection at the Palace of Justice has been upgraded and each Court will get separate Internet connection soon.

(b) Therefore, the Judiciary highly recommends that Members use the upgraded Internet connection provided.

(4) Other Information

(a) We have been informed that Members with upcoming cases in the Court of Appeal and the Federal Court will be given training on the e-Appellate system via Zoom a few days before proceedings.  The Judiciary urges Members to attend the training sessions.

(b) Court officers will also brief Members of the Bar in the morning, on the day of proceedings.

(c) There will also be online training for Members to learn more about the e-Appellate system in general.  Details of the training will be provided to us in due course.

(d) The Judiciary has also informed us that they recommend Members to update their devices to the latest version before attending proceedings.

Click here (see page 3 onwards) to view the infographic entitled “Pelaksanaan Sistem e-Appellate di Mahkamah Persekutuan dan Mahkamah Rayuan Malaysia”.

The solutions mentioned above were arrived at as a result of the Bar Council's initiative, but are only a temporary measure.  The Bar Council will continue to engage with the Judiciary in order to resolve all outstanding issues conclusively.

We hope that the information provided here is of assistance to Members.

Thank you.

A G Kalidas
Malaysian Bar