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Articles by Topics: Limitation Period

Are You Out of Time? – Beware of Limitation Dates and Time Limits

Case Study Lawyer X was appointed by the client for the recovery of damages for unpaid services rendered arising from breach of contract. Lawyer X advised the client to attempt out of court settlement negotiations to reduce litigation costs. Negotia...

Faiure to Timely File Notices of Appeal

Case Study 4A Messrs Thompson & Rifkin, the Insured Practice (“IP”) acted for the Defendants in a conveyancing suit. The High Court allowed for the Plaintiff’s application for summary judgment following which there is a 14-day ...

Jack of All Trades, Master of None

Karpal Singh.  Preet Bharara.  Fatou Bensouda.  When these names are mentioned, we instantly recognise them for their work done in a precise area of law. There are numerous arguments as to why being a "Jack of all tr...

The Retention and Destruction of Closed Files

The Retention and Destruction of Closed Files   With the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“the PDPA”) having come into force on 15 November 2013, law firms are all the more obliged to take practical steps in preventing any &ldquo...

Quick Glance: Limitation Periods

Section Description Limitation Period 6 (1) (a) Actions founded on a contract or tort     6 years 6 (1) (b) Actions to e...

Do’s & Don’ts of Litigation Practice

COMMUNICATION DO’S Record everything in black and white.  More so telephone conversations where the client verbally instructs you.  Before you act on their instruction, have the client sign-off the written instructions,...

Reinventing Your File Transfer System

File management takes many forms, and one important area of file management that is often overlooked is file transfers!  In any firm that you work in, there are procedures for file opening, file closing, KIV systems etc because files are cons...

Case Study: The Non Engagement Letter

The Facts Michelle Law (“Law”) is a lawyer in Kuala Lumpur who’s main area of practice involves medical negligence.  Sulaiman Wahab is Law’s client.  While on vacation in Sipadan Island, Sabah, Encik Sulaiman ...