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6 Results: Improvement and Processes

Tackle the Time Crunch

Martha M Newman is an Executive and Professional Coach who helps attorneys build leadership skills, enhance business performance and advance their professional careers.  This article was taken from Top Lawyer Coach, LLC and has been reproduced w...

Quality Matters

There is a myriad of books on quality management for various professions including the legal profession.  Accordingly, this article does not set out to provide a one-fits-all solution but a highlight the benefits of implementing a Quality Man...

Risk Management & Practice Of The Law - Litigation

The Risk Management and the Practice of the Law was first presented by Datuk N Chandran at a Risk Management Seminar in March 2004.   The object of this paper is to address on the sort of risks to which legal practitioners are exposed to and t...

Risk Management & Practice Of The Law - Conveyancing

This article is a continuation of the previous article, Risk Management & The Practice Of The Law - Litigation. Some Possible Risks in the Practice of the Law as a Conveyancing Lawyer A. Duty of Solicitor to Make Searches It is incumb...

Employee Embezzlement - Is Your Firm at Risk?

The list of questions below are non-exhaustive, they are basic safeguards that all firms should implement, if they have not already.   DO YOU: Request for status reports periodically from your accounts staff? Status...

Risk Management: No Excuses for Missing Critical Dates

Alistair Sim is Associate Director in the Professional and Financial Risk Division at Marsh UK Limited. This article first appeared in ‘The Journal’ (The Online Journal of the Law Society of Scotland, December 2002, page 46) and is reprod...