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3 Results: Green Practice

It's Not Easy Being Green...

Emerging Trends In an April 2010 survey by Ceres,[1] it was found that the majority of corporate risk managers are aware of and concerned about at least some aspect of climate risk. In fact, they considered regulatory, physical, competitive, and l...

The Irrelevance Of Climate Risks To Your Firm

Setting the Scene Managing risks, increasing profitability and going `green' - Objectives that can converge to help your firm be more successful or is that simply wishful thinking?   On the surface it would seem that the above obj...

6 Important Things A Lawyer Can Do To Help The Environment

(‘Green’ is in and since we tend to spend huge chunks of our lives in the office, the article will give you an idea of what going ‘Green’ is all about.)   Be PC Savvy Switch Off! Conserve Energy ...