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7 Ways to Promote Effective Communication with Your Client

  1. Keep  your  client  constantly  advised  of  the  status  of  the  case, analysis of the case, expected and incurred fees or expenses, and all clients’ options.
  2. Prior to client representation, obtain enough information about the matter so that you can identify potential conflicts of interest.
  3. Never promise more than you can deliver.  Listen to the prospective client!  Determine whether he/she has reasonable expectations regarding the ultimate result and the time in which those results can be achieved.
  4. Confirm in writing
  • the terms of the prospective solicitor/client relationship;
  • declination of representation (if applicable);
  • all terms of settlement, offers and demands both with the client and opposing counsel;
  • the termination of services upon completion of a matter, including appropriate billing details  (professional fees/expenses incurred).
  1. Use a docket or calendar management system to ensure timely compliance not only with filing requirements but also for client communication.
  2. Document, document, document.
  3. Maintain a systematic approach to file organisation.  Use a filing system which permits the entire file to be made available on short notice, and store active files in the same consistent place.